Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kenny's Post Vacation Repeat

Identified leaking water heater. In the replacement exercise Kenny re-engineered the space for the new heater c

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shenandoah Valley Campground

Taking off early from work to head toward Hershey PA for the largest RV show of the year we got outside of Staunton VA and decided to call it a night.

We pulled out our trusty Campground finder app and found Shenandoah Valley Campground. With tame rabbits running lose and hot tubs and waterfalls, this campground is really a treasure. Glad we found it.

There are only a couple 50 amp sites, there is very little grass at the site itself and the rates are a little higher than we are used to but we really did enjoy the campground and would visit again.

Our Basset Hounds found bunnies very exciting. The waterfall was beautiful.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Farewells to Our Caravan

With many miles behind us and so many stories to tell our loved ones when we return we bid happy trails to Dave and Becky as they depart to visit family in Indiana.

This trip would not have been the se without the Ford team. They have given Kenny much to banter about for days and days on end. Becky's sweet disposition and Dave's quick wit have been a real blessing. We look forward to seeing them down the road.

Dave and Linda are in to New York to visit family and Kenny and Lori will drop off KD Dave before heading to Virginia.

Happy Trails All!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Elkhart IN

While we have pressed on through some hard travel we also have seen some beautiful sights together on this trip.

At our last dinner together we discussed how could we have organized the trip better. While there were a couple of unexpected happenings overall everyone got along well and supported each others desires for making the most out of travel together.

The Lord has sustained us in our travels and has taken a group of acquaintances and made them friends. From here Dave and Becky depart to visit family members in Indiana and Dave and Linda will visit their family in upstate New York. Ken and Lori will drop off Dave in Oneonta New York and then head to Virginia to return to work.

It has been a wonderful trip. One that will create lasting memories for us all.

The Long Long Day

On July 25 after boon docking in Minnesota, Kenny decided that if we started out early in the morning we could travel further than originally planned so that we could arrive earlier in Elkhart In so the travelers could shop RV parts and arrange for some repairs.

Little did we realize that this 500 + mile day would take us across some of the roughest road known to mankind. Lori is against toll roads and particularly those that use the EZ pass system but by the end of that day she was willing to pay to have some road constructed.

At a rest area in Minnesota there was a sign posted by their DOT that captured it best. They explained that their road system was slowly evolving. Now we know that we should give them a few thousand more years to complete the cycle.

Wisconsin really wasn't much better. We ran 11.5 hours of travel with few of us maintaining the teeth in our heads. We would have snapped a picture for you but it is really something that can only be experienced first hand. I don't recommend it though.

New day and God willing we are on or way to Elkhart IN

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

White Buffalo

At the National Buffalo Museum Linda got to kiss her buffalo and we got to see the albino buffalo. There are three here in this herd of Thirty. The oldest one just had her 16th birthday. Her name is White cloud which has a story out of Indian tradition that goes with her. You can read about it at

I believe the one we saw was Dakota Legend who was born in 2008. He didn't look full grown but quite a treat to see an albino buffalo. But watch the warning signs buffalo are not as cuddly as they look.

Frontier Town

This town has not only buildings done in 1800s style but many of the services still in operation. Come and shop at the general store or speak with the teacher at the one room school house.

Kenny and Lori even took a stagecoach ride out to see the buffalo. No buffalo but Lori took some pictures from the stagecoach. Just look at the view.